Meet Patrick and Jimmie!

Tell us a little bit about your family.

We’ve been married for over eight years and have one adopted son through foster care and a dog! We have had six placements total! 

How long have you been fostering?

Over three years! 

What made you want to become foster parents?

Seeing the love our Savior has for us makes us want to share it and love others. We believe following Jesus means love and sacrifice for others.

What has been the hardest part about fostering? 

Patience for a system that is broken. Processing our own brokenness. Sacrifice of comfort to love on children and families. 

What has been the sweetest part about fostering? 

Watching families heal. Watching children grow and smile and laugh and thrive. Getting to play a part in that healing and watch our family ‘extend’ by growing beautiful relationship with our foster children’s families. Becoming family with them and friends for life! 

What advice would you share with others who are considering becoming foster parents?

Choosing to sacrifice the comfort of your family to help another family is where the joy in life is. It’s not about viewing yourself as “higher or holier” it’s having a life view that we’re all broken and in need of saving. Be brave in what scares you and trust God.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Despite all the fear, frustrations, anxieties and injustice that come along with foster care- Our life has more purpose through being foster parents and we truly like this version of ourselves the best. Choosing love will always win.