Devoted Servants

Rick and Jessica were licensed through ABCS’ Arms of Love Foster Care in October and took a placement of two brothers, ages one and two, shortly after. The boys came to live with their family through the emergency placement list and displayed a lot of behavioral challenges such as hoarding food, aggressive play and significant developmental delays. They realized that the boys were experiencing food deprivation issues and binge-purge syndrome. As a result, they arranged feeding therapy. The family also signed the boys up for other services such as trauma, occupational and speech therapy. When the older sibling turned three years old, he started attending developmental preschool, which helped him with many of these delays and issues.

Additionally,Rick and Jessica utilized ABCS’ respite and community events from local churches to take breaks when needed. Jessica attended every team meeting and provided the Arms of Love staff with consistent updates, which allowed them to make informed decisions about the child’s care. Rick and Jessica also developed a relationship with the biological father when the Department of Child Safety located him. They facilitated phone calls between the boys and their father. Rick built a relationship of trust and respect with him, offering encouragement and support.

In time, the boys were successfully reunited with their father. It is incredible how much growth and progress the boys made under the care of Rick and Jessica from when they came into their home. We are grateful for all the families who welcome not only children into their homes and lives but their families as well.