Supportive Housing Program

Arms of Love Foster Care’s Supportive Housing Program provides housing and mentoring for 18 – 21 year-old women aging out of foster care.

The need

Arizona has hundreds of teens leaving foster care annually with no permanent family and minimal independent living skills. Teens aging out of foster care are at high risk of…

  • unplanned pregnancy
  • homelessness
  • human trafficking
  • drug addiction
  • incarceration
  • attempted suicide.

We know that God has a greater plan and purpose for their lives.

The vision

Throughout the New Testament we see Jesus interact with those who have spiritual and physical needs in a specific way; He first met the physical needs and then addressed their spiritual need.  If someone was in pain, ill, hungry, He always met that need first.  He did this because of His compassion but more importantly so that barriers to listening to the message of salvation could be removed. We believe that the same principle applies to the home we are providing for emancipated youth. Three of the main components to a successful adult transition are: at least one supportive adult mentor, affordable housing and education or employment. Arms of Love Foster Care Supportive Housing Program offers a safe, functional home environment for a few young women with the hopes to help young women become self-sustaining. Participants will be required to set goals in order to grow and learn to be independent adults. Our team will help support their goals through mentor relationships, discipleship and life skill development. By meeting their physical needs, the program with enable young women to focus on these key areas with the hope that they will be transformed by the love of Christ.

Be a part of the solution

Arms of Love’s supportive housing program is a pilot project, providing one home to 4 young women aging out of foster care.  Each young woman entering into the housing program will set goals in order to grow and learn to be independent adults. We plan to support their goals by having our community surround these young adults and help them achieve and succeed.

How you can get involved:

Our home is a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house that we are currently in the process of renovating in order to create a hopeful and peaceful space for these young adults.

  • Have your team or church sponsor a room. Each bedroom needs a bed, dresser, night stand, desk and a chair. Provide furnishings for one of two living spaces, a breakfast nook and dining room.
  • Provide needed materials: AC unit, appliances, roof, flooring, security system, furnishing, hot boxes, paint, blinds, plumbing needs, vanity, ceiling fans, electrical needs and cabinet resurfacing
  • Provide housing staples (cleaning/non-reusable materials) for the home, such as laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, dish washer detergent.
  • Provide ongoing financial support by being part of our Support One Home monthly campaign.

You can click here to download a copy of our current list of needs for the Teen Housing Renovation Project. If you would like to be involved, please contact Nichole Tamburstuen at or call (480) 296-8786 for more details.

Arms of Love Foster care ministry has provided children in foster care with safe, loving, Christ-centered homes, either on a temporary or permanent basis during a time when they are most in need since 1999.

71% of young foster youth women that age of the system will be pregnant by age 21
54% of foster youth that age out of the system ear their high school diploma
Less than 3% of foster youth that age out of the system will earn a Bachelor’s degree
1 in 5 foster youth that age out of care will become homeless within 1 year
50% of foster youth that age out of the system will be unemployed by age 24
1 in 4 foster youth that age out of the system will be incarcerated within 2 years